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Your June Home Maintenance Guide

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

While Summer has not officially started, June is when warm weather is more consistent and the outdoor activities are in full swing, especially after what can seem like an unending winter. This is also the time when you can start cleaning outdoor areas and using the hose without fear of overnight freezing being an issue, Usually. It is still Michigan remember :)

Clean The Deck - With warmer weather and less rain showers than early spring has, this is a good time to power wash that deck and re stain if needed. Hot sunny days in summer can make stains a deck very labors and it can affect the stain and drying times. earlier in the season should make it easier on you and give you a great finish on the deck.

Power Wash Windows And Siding - While you have that power washer out for the deck, you may want to take a look at the home. after a long season of snow and then rain showers in the spring that siding may have a good layer of dirt , grime and/or mild. Maybe a bit of all 3. The spring time is also when those screens are full of pollen and dandelion dander. Pop out those screens and lay them down to wash. Most siding will come clean with the power of the water but a special siding detergent can be used on any areas that need a little help.

Clean The Garage- After a long season of snowy cars being parked in the garage, it may be time to clean and organize that space. Sometimes its hard to find motivation in the dreary winter months, and garages usually get neglected during this time. Especially if they are not heated. June is a great time to clean and reorganize the garage since its milder weather earlier in the month can make the task a bit less daunting.

Getting The Yard Ready For Summer - After the rain of April and the sun in May, everything is stating to bloom. Warm June days really kicks all of that growth into high gear and really promote growth. This is the time to trim and clean up the yard before it gets too hot. Some plants can't recover from pruning in hot months and it can shock them to the point that they die. Each plant is unique and you should familiarize yourself with proper maintenance to promote healthy vibrant flowers and vegetation. Keeping your grass mowed regularly will help the lawn to stay healthy. Cutting more than a third of the grass blade can damage the lawn. This time of year can also require you to break out the sprinkler if you notice dry patches.

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