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How Hot is Too Hot?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

An advantage to owning a home is that we can have hot water whenever we want. If you are one of the lucky one to have an on demand hot water tank, then you can have hot water for as long as you would like as well :) But a common issue I see when inspection homes is the water temperature. Now, being a home owner you can set the water to water degrees whatever you want. Obviously the hotter the water the more energy is used to heat that water up, which in turn means higher utility bills, but whatever you feel comfortable with is your choice. The main issue is when the water is super hot and you have children or guests over and they are unaware of how hot the water can be. Above 120 degrees is when scalding can begin to happen. The EPA recommends 120 as the sweet spot for water temperature. This is hot enough to kill any microbes that may be in the water supply and safe for a comfortable shower. Over this threshold is when damage to the skin can occur, especially for children or adults with sensitive skin.

This home in Oxford Mi, liked their water really hot -

Infrared Thermometer testing hot water temperature. Temperature is 150 degrees

Keeping the water at whatever temperature you like is a perk of homeownership, but let your guest know ahead of time so they can be prepared and keep the water temperature in a safe zone for them.

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