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Why Do you Need A Sewer Scope? 

Updated: May 8

Whenever I ask the client if they want a sewer scope, the first questions I get is "What is that?" The second is " Why Do you Need A Sewer Scope? ". Those are both great questions. A sewer scope is exactly as it sounds; a visual scope on the interior of the homes sewer line. An area that gets very little attention, until there is an issue.

Having the sewer line inspected visually can help a potential (or current) homeowner determine if any action will need to be taken with regard to the sewer line. Sewer line materials can vary and along with those materials, each have their own set of potential issues. Some materials are prone to cracking or being crushed under the weight of the soil. Other materials can degrade over time and start to leak. Roots can be a major issue and can totally destroy a sewer line.

Tree roots entering sewer drain
Tree root intrusion

Clogged Sewer line with Tree Roots
Clogged Sewer line with Tree Roots

Graphic showing the roots and how they destroy a sewer line

The repair for a sewer line can be in the 10's of thousands of dollars or more depending on the material and length of the sewer line. So spending a little money upfront can potentially save you a lot of money later. Not to mention the damage to the yard for repair. If the line needs to be completely repaired, they will dig up the whole yard where the sewer line is located. That is on you to then replace all the grass and any landscaping that was in the way adding to the repair total.

New Sewer line bing installed in front yard of home

Adding a sewer scope to your home inspection not only provides peace of mind but can also alert you to any possibly preventative maintenance that may be needed, which is usually much cheaper than repair or replacement.

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