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What is Covered During A Home Inspection

Updated: May 9

For many clients, they may be a first time homebuyer, which can add some anxiety to the situation. The whole process is new and they are not sure what to expect. Finding a good realtor is step one. Someone to guide you through the process and have your best interests in mind. Once you have found the right realtor and the right home, It's now time for the home inspection. Once of the most frequent questions I hear is; "what is in included in a home inspection?"

The main systems of a residential building that are inspected include the following:

diagram showing different rooms in a home
  • Roof

  • exterior;

  • basement, foundation, crawlspace, and structure;

  • heating;

  • cooling;

  • plumbing;

  • electrical;

  • fireplace;

  • attic, insulation, and ventilation;

  • doors, windows, and interior.

Not everything is inspected during a home inspection. Think of things like septic, water or well quality, radon, outbuildings etc..While the main aspects are inspected in every home, no home inspection is the same. Homes in different areas can have different componets. A home in Addison Twp may be on propane and have a septic tank while a home in Rochester Hills is on natural gas and is connected to the city sewer system. And not every defect (or house problem) will be discovered during an inspection. That's an impossible task for anyone, not just professional home inspectors. It's not possible to find every problem that exists or could exist by performing a home inspection, because many house systems and components are simply hidden, covered up, and not visible.

Most homes do not have major defects, but some do. And that's the main reason to get a home inspection.

Finding the right inspector for you is critical. You want to trust the inspector that you hire is working for you. Providing you an unbiased report of the facts of the home. Learning about their qualifications and experience is a good place to start. Check out our certifications here.

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