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What Does That Mean? 

Updated: May 9

This is a question that I get when explains a defect. Most recently at a home inspection in Clarkston, the client asked "what does that mean?". This was and is a great question. It is a constant reminder that while I have lot's of knowledge about a home's functionality, what are defects and why, communication that to the client imperative. They need to understand why I am telling them something is a defect. Each person is different and it can take different types of communication to ensure the client understands. The last thing I want is for a client to pretend they understand and then nothing is done about the defect once they take ownership of the home. The same thing for the Realtor. They need to understand as well, so they know how to guide their client in the next steps. It's sometimes easy to get rolled up into a ton of technical lingo. Keeping it easy to understand and communicating that is just as important as having the knowledge to be a home inspector. What Does That Mean? 

Explaining to client an issue with the roof

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