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Is That Up To Code? 

Updated: May 9

Many times I will get asked “is that up to code?” or “is that a code violation?”during an inspection. Recently at an inspection in Oxford the client was attending the inspection and I pointed that the outlets near the kitchen sink and bathroom sink were not GFCI protected.

Image of code of Ordinances

The client asked if that was a code violation? I explained to the client that a home inspection is not a code inspection. Codes can vary from state to state and municipality to municipality. A home inspector is not a code enforcement officer. We point out defects with functionality of the home and devices, safety issues and provide general knowledge of how the home works. We are there to help educate you on what is to be a very large investment on your part.

plugging an appliance into a GFCI outlet

I let the client know that not having GFCI outlets near a water source (kitchen sink, bathroom) is a safety and shock hazard and they should be replaced with such. GFCI outlets can protect you from shock should you plug or unplug a device from the outlet if you have moisture on your hands. But I am not enforcing any code requirements. It is a safety issue and that is why I report it, not because it violates a code. Many times what an inspector reports upon may cover the local code ordinance but that is not what we base our report to our client on. Is That Up To Code? 

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