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How do your pipes look? 

Updated: May 9

Many new homes are being built using a material called PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene). This versatile material is easy and quicker to install. It requires minimal joints, due to its flexibility and it can resists very hot temperatures. Pex is quickly becoming the go to material for plumbing. It is color coded it many uses ( blue for cold, red for hot) which makes it easily identifiable and it cost's a fraction of copper. So saving money is a major plus with this material. The pipes also do not corrode like copper and galvanized piping can. This can help prevent failures in the line compared to other materials.

Pex Pluming lines with Manifold

If you find yourself building a new home or even having to make plumbing repairs in your current home, PEX may be worth investigating to see if it makes sense for you. How do your pipes look? 

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